Monday, July 06, 2009

A Joke called Indian Budget

I thought Indian politics has changed. I mean for the better. But looks like I was wrong. We created this big hoopla over how the greatest democracy in the world choose its leaders, defeated fundamentalists and selected a moderate party to lead the country. What a load of crap. I am not pissed off because the Finance Minister screwed the middle class over again. Its just that as if nobody even cares. The Finance Minister of India presented a budget which didn’t do or specify anything constructive yet all over the news channels and print media all I see is experts(god knows what kind of experts they are) and industry leaders(I don’t want to open my mouth here) saying how the budget isn't all that bad.

Not all that bad. Are you crazy?

The finance minister didn’t specify anything constructive in the budget about how he would improve the economy, what kind of stimulus package would be provided, how he would put more money in people’s pockets. Nothing. Zip. Yet it was not so bad a budget. In a time when developed countries are spending trillions of dollars to boost their economy we don’t really have a plan to revive our economy.

All he said was how he was giving out money for charity (read buying votes). Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind government spending money on social security schemes for upliftment of poor, providing good quality education for children etc. But we all know the government just takes the money puts a percentage in its ministers pockets and hands down the rest to the bureaucrats to fill in their pockets with money based on their designations. The higher up in the hierarchy you are, the more money you make. No wonder IIM and IIT graduates are lining up to clear IAS examinations. Who wants to earn loads of money by working hard when you can make it all for free.

India has one of the highest tax rates in the world but what does government do for the people. We have crappy roads, we don’t have proper water supply, no proper electricity, no social security, no infrastructure. Nothing. Yet we just want to compare ourselves with the developing countries and say we arent there just yet because of our “Sanskriti”. Ask the guy on the road who is hungry, does he care about sanskriti.

And then the Finance Minister makes a mokery of the whole thing by increasing the Income tax threshold by Rs. 10000 as if that was a blessing for all of us. A Rs. 1000 savings in Tax. Jee Mr Finance Minister I wonder how my life style would improve with this saved Rs. 1000. He kept saying that this is an Aam Aadmi’s budget well how many “Aam Aadmis” he knew pays the 10% surcharge which is charged to individuals with more than 10 lakhs of taxable income.

And you know what pushed it over the edge was the Finance Minister saying that they have increased the budget for building a system so that Mumbai doesn’t clog up because of excessive rains from 200 Crores to 500 Crores. Nice gesture but how come when they came up with the initial estimate nobody anticipated a 150% overrun of the budget.

I may be sounding petty here but it is still my hard earned money which I am paying to the government so that they could maintain my country properly and I think I can hold them accountable for it. But as far I can see I don’t see any way or means of holding them accountable. Any government project over running its budget, no problem just give them more money. A bridge built by government collapes, no problem give more money and build a new one.

This is just wrong. I want my country to be the best country in the world. And this isnt the way it is gonna get there.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What the hell is happening in my country

Really, what the hell is happening in my country. I mean it wasn't 2 months ago that we faced the worst attack on our country and we are back to our old ways. I see in the newspaper today that Mr Raj Thackeray was back to his old ways bashing north indians. But this time he is specifically stating that it isn't all the north indians but people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Now how is this guy different from those terrorists who came and killed innocent people. He instigates people like this and then mobs go on rampage kill people. How different is this from any other act of terrorism.

There was also an another piece of news - "Girls assaulted at Mangalore pub". This is really really really sad. And to top this off there is some organisation which is actually claiming responsibility for it.

"Claiming responsibility for the attack, state deputy convenor of the Sene Prasad Attavar said that it was a spontaneous reaction against women, who flouted traditional Indian norms of decency. He said these girls were Hindus who dared to get close to Muslim men."

How is this different from what Taliban did in Afghanistan. Who gave them the moral responsibility to do that. How can this organisation or for that matter any organisation claim to have the moral responsibility to do something like this. And to top this what did the guys who claimed to have the moral responsibility and were claiming to be the upholders of Indian tradition do. They molested the girls. Is that the Indian tradition - molesting unarmed girls. If that is then to hell with it.

What is our country progressing towards. I was watching this movie Black Friday. There was clip where they showed an actual footage of the Mumbai police commissioner talking about the work done by Mumbai police. He said its because of the exceptional work done by Mumbai police that only 500 people were killed. Really only 500 people? Is that how much we value human life that the police commissioner can say just 500 people died?

When I look at what is happening in our country it does not look like we are progressing. Instead it looks like we are slipping into social unrest and it would not be long before we end up like one of those countries in Africa.

Maybe instead of trying to do things which don't have any effect why don't we pass a law where instigating violence like this would be a federal crime punishable by life imprisonment or something like that. before we can do anything about the external forces that are creating havoc in our country, we should tackle the internal forces that are trying to break our harmony.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind". In today's situation Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings are more relevant than it was before. We are slowly but steadily slipping into an anarchy and the only way we can stop this is by staying united and not let any one or anything break our resolve of staying united and living peacefully.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks

First and foremost let me say my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks on 26, 27, 28 November 2008. This is one of the most outrageous attacks that have been carried out on the Indian soil. These men who have holed out in Taj, Oberoi Trident and Nariman house say they are doing this because of the way in which Muslims are treated in India. Well I am a Muslim and I think the treatment is not so bad so as to warrant any kind of violence. True there is religious bias in India, but not to such a degree that it would force people to take up arms.

Then there is the issue of whether this group is even from India. One of the terrorist who spoke to a TV channel said he was from Hyderabad and belonged to a group called Deccan Mujahideen. Well I am from Hyderabad and I can tell you for sure from the way the person spoke he sure didn't belong to Hyderabad. He sounded more like an Afghani or a Pakistani or from one of those Urdu speaking mountainous regions.

I was going through some of the reports on some of the news websites and I see a lot of people commenting saying Muslims should be killed or driven out of the country and many more outrageous and absurd stuff. One thing I should tell you, I am a Indian Muslim with total and complete loyalty towards India. And I am not alone. Except for a few almost all Muslims in India feel the same. Every one in India is the same. Toiling hard to make a living, trying to feed their children and provide a good life for their kids. My father is a perfect example. He has worked hard all his life, never even travelled out of the country and rooted for India in every way. Yet when people say that my loyalty or my family's loyalty isn't towards India it hurts.

But then the blame for this lies within the Muslim community too. Whenever there is such a incident the mullahs and the religious heads are not very forth coming in condemning and condoning these attacks. But when it comes to asking for reservations and for separate laws for Muslims they are very vocal. Maybe it is time for the Indian Muslim community to come out in support of the Indian Establishment to fight this cancerous disease called Terrorism. We should understand that by remaining mute it is just not helping any ones cause but the terrorists.

Gone are the days when you were regarded as Innocent Until proven Guilty. In today's world it is Guilty until proven Innocent. So maybe the time has come for the Indian Muslim community to just do that. Dispel the misnomers and misunderstanding that others have.

I just hope that the Indian Army is able to resolve this issue at the earliest and I sincerely hope that such a thing never happens again in my country.

Jai Hind.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Revival of the Blog

Its been a long time(more than a year) since I have written anything in my blog. A lot of things have happened in my life since then. I have changed my job twice, visited another middle eastern country, bought a car and am now sitting in Singapore.

A lot of change. Anyways from now on will be regular in posting my blogs.

Adios Amigos

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Human Extravagence

Its been a very long time since I have written anything. From the last time I have written my blog lots of things have happened. I had decided upon my college for MBA then decided against it. I was supposed to be on a project in UK but instead now I am in Kuwait. What can I say life is unpredictable. Any ways I am really bored in this country. I mean it bloody cold outside right now. Can’t do a thing anyways now can’t even go out anywhere. So I thought why don’t I go back and do some writing.

Lot has been happening in the past few months in the world and not much in my life as usual. But this lot essentially is people killing each other over one issue or the other. Some because of land. No actually almost everyone because of land. Let’s look around us. The major conflicts in the world which are causing terror insurgencies and making humanity uncomfortable are land conflict. Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya and many more. There has been one let me say the downside of me staying in Kuwait. I absolutely have no idea of what is happening in India but I almost know everything that is happening in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and America.

I now know that Iran’s economy is about to go into shambles even though they have a major portion of the world oil reserves because the mullahs in charge are not ready to invest in the infrastructure of the oil refineries and drilling plants because they would have to wait for a few years to reap the returns. This is the problem with the politicians everywhere. Actually this is the problem with all the human beings baring a few. We all want instant returns like instant coffee. Nobody wants to toil put in an effort and work hard for the result. They want instant results as soon as they put in the effort. What people don’t realize is it takes time for the fruits of your effort to bear and instant success doesn’t last. True there have been cases where people enjoy instant success and it last too but then again believing that the same would happen to you would be a fooly. It is not a mistake to be optimistic and expect a windfall but it would be foolish to pin all yours hopes and ambitions on it.

Well I have this tendency of drifting. I start off with something and end up with an whole another thing. Anyways I had read this line somewhere “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” This sentence is true to its word. I don’t know if I can describe every man as heroic but then again there are the followers and admirers of every man. Anyways I truly believe that every man tries in one way or the other for his own happiness. Now some may say desire but let’s just call it happiness that way we are generalizing the whole concept. But the problem with this is some men think that something would bring happiness in their life’s and work hard doing the same thing their whole life only to realize in the end that it was something else. And the number of people to whom such a thing happens is enormous. But then again it is highly highly difficult to put a finger on what brings happiness to you.

So my advise who cares just do what you want to do and never regret your choices in life. Because if you ever try to look back dig into your past you might unearth some skeletons which you didn’t want to face in the first place.

So live life without any regrets.